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All of our knives and table accessories are entirely made in France in our workshops. We select the best steel because we them having the same cut as a kitchen knife. We also pay particular attention to the manufacture of the blade in order its edge is razor sharp. You just have to choose your cutlery according to your preferred shape or according to the use you want to make of it.

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Berlingot serving set in resin handle

The large fork and spoon will allow you to serve your dishes with simplicity, while forming an elegant, colourful and modern table.
Available in several colors
Price €42.00

Berlingot bread/tomato knife in resin handle

 The toothed blade of this bread knife guarantees that the bread will not crush. The teeth facilitate its passage through the hard crust.
Available in several colors
Price €15.50

Berlingot oyster knife resin handle

This Laguiole oyster knife allows you to open an oyster in a simple way, according to the rules of the art.
Available in several colors
Price €15.50

Berlingot pizza knife in resin handle

Ideal for cutting pizza slices with an abundant topping and thick dough, this knife can also be served individually to eat at the table.
Available in several colors
Price €21.00

Foie gras lyra

Description The foie gras lyre is an essential utensil for cutting your foie gras. A clean and clean cut with its sharp thread. The Lyre à...
Price €18.00
Showing 1-12 of 298 item(s)


A knife customized with your name from €8.


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