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The pocket knife is a man's best friend. Each knife writes its history with the hand with which it is rocked and must resemble the one who carries it. At Claude Dozorme, a century-old factory, know-how is passed on from generation to generation to make a piece of steel the perfect companion. All our outdoor knives, folding or fixed blades, are entirely handcrafted and handcrafted in Thiers in our factory to meet the use intended for it. Whether you choose a coutea laguiole, a Thiers or another form, all can be personalized with a name, a date or a maxim that will correspond to whoever it is intended for.

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Laguiole Secret wood handle

The Laguiole Secret pocket knife has a very innovative "secret" opening and closing mechanism.
Available in several colors
Price €175.00
Showing 1-12 of 127 item(s)