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Discover our other table knife collections: the Grillade range, ideal for cutting meat during barbecues with friends and the Haute Cuisine range, whose knives with a contemporary design offer an excellent grip.

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Haute Cuisine 6 steak knives in round block

These steak knives from the Haute Cuisine range are presented in an aesthetic wooden block that allows to store the knives protecting the blade.
Available in several colors
Price €459.00

Haute Cuisine 6 carving knives in round block

This block gathers the essentials for the kitchen: 14 and 20cm cutting knives, bread knife, boneless knife, multi-purpose knife and utility knife.
Available in several colors
Price €510.00

Rack of 6 Grill steak knives wood handle

With its beech base, the Grillade steak knives will be perfectly arranged and the wire of the blade will be kept from shocks.
Available in several colors
Price €120.00
Showing 1-4 of 4 item(s)