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The foie gras carving knife has a long, very tapered blade to minimize the adhesion of the blade to the liver. You can also dip the foie gras carving knife in hot water to make it easier to cut the slices. The long serving palette will help you serve the slice to the plate. The individual foie gras knife placed on the right of your plate will allow you to cut and then gently place the piece of foie gras on your toast. The decorum wants that you do not crunch your toast and do not spread your foie gras as for a spread of jam.

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Foie gras lyra

Description The foie gras lyre is an essential utensil for cutting your foie gras. A clean and clean cut with its sharp thread. The Lyre à...
Price €18.00

Strings for lyra

Thread for foie gras lyre to cut the foie gras according to the rules of the art.
Price €15.00
Showing 1-10 of 10 item(s)