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You have decided to set up an elegant table with good cutlery. You will find among the products made in France by Claude Dozorme knives to taste meat, fish, foie gras but also assorted forks or spoons without forgetting the small butter knife or the cheese service that will complement the service of your very nice meal.

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Foie gras lyra

Description The foie gras lyre is an essential utensil for cutting your foie gras. A clean and clean cut with its sharp thread. The Lyre à...
Price €18.00

Berlingot oyster knife resin handle

This Laguiole oyster knife allows you to open an oyster in a simple way, according to the rules of the art.
Available in several colors
Price €15.50

Berlingot cheese knife in resin handle

The cheese knife has a double-pointed curved blade. It allows to cut and then prick the piece to put it on its plate
Available in several colors
Price €15.50

Berlingot spreader in resin handle

The spreading knife makes it easy to spread bread or brioche slices with butte, jam or spread dough thanks to its rounded blade.
Available in several colors
Price €15.50
Showing 1-12 of 284 item(s)

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