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In order to best meet the expectations of food lovers, we offer several ranges of kitchen knives entirely made in Thiers in Claude Dozorme's workshops below. Whether you are attracted to designer kitchen knives, traditional, colorful or classic, you will find the knife that will meet your expectations.

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Flat Cut paring knife 3,5"

The paring knife helps you daily in the preparation of your dishes. The design is designed to simplify your movements when cutting.
Price €85.00

Small carving knife Flat Cut

Asymmetrical handle and bent over only one side of the blade gives this original knife an excessively comfortable grip.
Price €98.50

Chief knife Flat Cut 23 cm

The chef's knife is the multi-purpose knife with thick blade, you can cut, cut, chop or slice. The handle is excellent.
Price €104.50

Berlingot pizza knife in resin handle

Ideal for cutting pizza slices with an abundant topping and thick dough, this knife can also be served individually to eat at the table.
Available in several colors
Price €23.00

Berlingot cheese cleaver in wood handle

Cut your hard cheese with ease with the cheese cleaver. The width of the blade makes it easier to serve the cheese.
Available in several colors
Price €23.00
Showing 1-12 of 147 item(s)


A knife customized with your name from €8.