Sommelier Le Thiers

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"Spoc" the delicious noise which rocks tradition and conviviality. A noise caused by a tool, heir to the barrel spin, the "corkscrew". Essential to let the wine develop its bouquet. The Thiers sommelier is not a simple "corkscrew" it is the essential tool of the moments of sharing.


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Sommelier Le Thiers

122,50 €

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All our sommeliers are made in France in our workshops in Thiers, with an artisanal and manual manufacture. It is available in 8 copies with wooden or horn handles.

Shop tip

The Laguiole Closed Sommelier has a conical wick that gently penetrates the corks of old bottles without breaking them, added to its bottle opener and a micro-tooth cap cutter will make you a true master sommelier. Delivered in a box with a protective leather case with the wolf logo.


Weight : 77g
Product 100% made in France.

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