La Grande Coutellerie  commercializes products bearing the brand name Claude Dozorme. Products with the brand name Claude Dozorme are guarantors of a fully French manufacturing tradition.



Founded in 1902 by Blaise Dozorme nicknamed "The Wolf", the brand name Claude Dozorme is the signature of a long modernized family tradition.





The Claude Dozorme company received the prestigious "business of living heritage" label in 2009.



La Grande Coutellerie hopes to charm you with its modernized family tradition, which is nonconformist and knows how to assert its creative bias.


Either with the nomadic spirit of the Liner, the classic but modernized elegance of the Laguiole or the Thiers, the functional and companiable spirit of La Haute Cuisine, the playful and joyful spirit of Les Berlingots, you'll find in all La  Grande Coutellerie's commercialized products the same respect of our roots adapted to the lifestyles of our era thanks to a completely modernized cutlery tradition upsetting conventional habits.



During the last century, the Durolle river supplied the energy needed to activate the spinning wheels. The grinders who were called "yellow stomachs" with their dogs on their laps to keep themselves warm, pressed the blades on the grindstone to give them their first cutting edge. This essential operation called "l'émouture" is still in use today with special care but is accomplished standing up, a posture which is much more comfortable.

The Claude Dozorme company belongs to the French Federation of cutlery and many of its products are labelled « Esprit de Thiers ».