Berlingot avocado spoon resin handle

Product from French manufacture
Delivery scheduled between 01/02/23 and 03/02/23 in mainland France (Except customization deadline)

Due to summer holidays at our factory, products ordered with a personnalisation will be shipped the 4 januray


Do you know the avocado spoon? If you don't have one in your kitchen drawers, now is the time to invest!

If you consume a lot of avocados, you certainly know that it is not always easy to extract the fruit from its skin without damaging it. Our Laguiole avocado spoon is designed to perfectly fit the shape of the avocado and to remove it without difficulty.

Playful, you will notice that it is decorated with holes forming eyes and a mouth. This feature is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also prevents the spoon from sticking to the fruit.

This Laguiole spoon is available in several colours and can be combined with the rest of our product range. Don't hesitate to consult our knives, cutlery and other kitchen accessories!

Little tip: To easily remove the stone from an avocado, use one of our knives! Simply insert the blade into the stone, horizontally, and then turn it gently. When you remove your knife, the avocado stone will remain attached to the blade.


Technical specifications :

Our kitchen accessory consists of a stainless steel rivet and a heat-treated blade.

The X46Cr13 stainless steel we use is a very high quality steel. Its rockwell hardness is between 54 and 56 HCR.

This small spoon has a methacrylate handle and is available in about twenty different colours. Choose the one that corresponds to your housewife or try new colour combinations! We also offer a version with a wooden handle (exotic wood or olive wood).

The spoons are dishwasher-safe to save you time and energy. They can therefore be used on a daily basis.

Their dimensions are 11 centimetres long for the handle and 7 centimetres for the blade. All in all, this original spoon is 18 centimetres long.

All our handcrafted products are made in France. Each step, from the design of the model to its assembly, is carried out in our Claude Dozorme cutlery workshop.

Product Details
Range: Berlingot
Function: spoon
Blade: X46Cr13 stainless steel (0,46% of carbon, 13% of chrome)
Handle: resin
Total length: 7,09"
Package: unit
Care instructions: Dishwasher safe (maximum 55°C)
Guarantee against defects in material and workmanship and in the limit of a good use and a good care of the product for a period of 2 years commencing on the date of original purchase (invoice from La Grande Coutellerie required)
Reference 1.13.173.--