Oak wood box Le Thiers® Art Déco steak knives precious wood handle

Product from French manufacture
Delivery scheduled between 07/02/23 and 09/02/23 in mainland France (Except customization deadline)

Due to summer holidays at our factory, products ordered with a personnalisation will be shipped the 4 januray


Do you want knives with character, design and raw materials? Discover this set of 4 or 6 knives that meets all your requirements, for your happiness. 

Presented in an oak wood box, 4 or 6 steak knives prove their elegance thanks to the Thiers shape that characterizes them.
 This particular shape is made only in the Thiernois basin, according to a strict specification.

Our table knives have a handle in juniper wood or ebony wood, two types of precious wood that will bring a touch of originality and class to all your meals. The bolster is made of shiny stainless steel, for a unique design. This bolster gives weight to the knife and gives an extremely pleasant grip.

The blade that makes up our meat knives is made of very high quality steel, easily resharpened and especially very sharp. Because it is smooth, it will not tear your meat pieces.

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Of 100% French manufacture, these products were manufactured in the workshops of the Claude Dozorme cutlery, by craftsmen concerned with traditional methods and passionate about their craft.

Technical specifications:

Our set of steak knives is 100% French and artisanal, designed in the workshops of master craftsman and cutler Claude Dozorme.

Each of the knives was forged from a X50CrMoV15 steel, which is very high quality. Its composition is:

0.50 carbon that gives the edge to the blade

0.15 chromium for stainless steel

1% molybdenum and vanadium which gives flexibility to the blade and thus allows easy re-sharpening

The smooth blade, which goes to the end of the handle, does not tear the meat. It has fine and precise pruning, perfect cutting hold and razor sharpening. The tip of the blade is thin and hard!

The handle is made of ebony wood or juniper wood.
 The massive stainless steel bolster gives weight to the knife and looks.

This service is delivered in an oak box with 4 or 6 seats.

Product Details
Range: Thiers flatware
Function: meat
Blade: high quality stainless steel X50CrMoV15 (0,50% of carbon, 15% of chrome, 1% of molybdenum, 1% of vanadium)
Handle: wood
Total length: 8,86"
Package: delivered in varnished oak wood box
Care instructions: Not dishwasher safe. Softly wash the blade and dry it immediately. Never leave the knife into the water.
Guarantee against defects in material and workmanship and in the limit of a good use and a good care of the product for a period of 2 years commencing on the date of original purchase (invoice from La Grande Coutellerie required)