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Thiers Securiflex pocket knife stainless steel handle round design
Thiers Securiflex pocket knife stainless steel handle round design
Thiers Securiflex pocket knife stainless steel handle round design

Pocket knife in relation with Puy-de-Dôme train

Product from French manufacture
Delivery scheduled between 01/02/23 and 03/02/23 in mainland France (Except customization deadline)

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Located in Auvergne, a region famous for its volcanic landscapes, the Claude Dozorme cutlery wanted to pay tribute to a major symbol of the region: the “Panoramique des Dômes”.

This train takes you to the top of Puy-de-Dôme, the highest volcano in the Puys chain, which gave its name to the department where the century-old Claude Dozorme factory is located.

This knife is the result of a partnership between the Cutlery Claude Dozorme and the general council of Puy-de-Dôme.

The design of this folding knife is similar to the train architecture. This pocket knife is entirely forged from high quality X50CrMoV15 steel. This gives the cutting edge, stainless ability and ease of re-sharpening.

A chain can be attached to the end of the handle of this knife.

This very original pocket knife is entirely made in the workshops of Master Craftsman and Cutler Claude Dozorme, in Thiers, the French capital of cutlery.


Technical specifications:

This folding knife is forged in a high quality steel X50CrMoV15, which consists of:

- 0.50 of carbon which gives the cutting edge to the blade

- 0.15 of chromium for stainless steel

- 1% of molybdenum and vanadium which makes the blade flexible and thus allows for easy re-sharpening.

This knife comes with a protective leather pouch stamped with the Panoramique des Dômes logo.

This 100% French pocket knife is entirely made in our workshops, in France, by our skilled craftsmen and trained in traditional and artisanal manufacturing methods.

Product Details
Function: pocket or bag knife
Blade: high quality stainless steel X50CrMoV15 (0,50% of carbon, 15% of chrome, 1% of molybdenum, 1% of vanadium)
Handle: stainless steel
Colour: stainless steel
Length if closed: 4,92"
Length if opened: 8,27"
Package: delivered in a pocket
Care instructions: Dishwasher safe (maximum 55°C)
Guarantee against defects in material and workmanship and in the limit of a good use and a good care of the product for a period of 2 years commencing on the date of original purchase (invoice from La Grande Coutellerie required)
Reference 1.10.301.91P