A hundred-year-old brand - La Grande Coutellerie

Located on the banks of the Durolle river, called "Hallow of hell", cutlery workshops in the last century took full advantage of the energy supplied by the river to produce the driving force necessary for the machines.

This archive photo of the Claude Dozorme’s workshop is the first place where Blaise Dozorme called the Wolf (our logo), started as a Cutler trainee. The cutlers around Blaise worked the grinding of the blade face down to have more force to press the blade on the wheel. This operation, consisting in removing material from both sides of the blade, from the tip to the heel, in a constant and parallel manner, is still capital and essential today to obtain an excellent cutting edge and a blade easily re-sharpened. You can also notice in this photo, on the legs of the workers, the lying dogs warming their masters during the cold winters.

For 4 generations Claude Dozorme’s brand has perpetuated this French know-how; Behind the Claude Dozorme brand, there is a French family business on a human scale still managed by the Dozorme family. Since 1902, with the Dozorme family, the knife has been a real passion that is passed on from father to son but also from father to daughter…